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What Causes TMD/TMJ?

TMD/TMJ is a complex and often misunderstood condition that can significantly impact your day-to-day life. Here at Clifford C. Compton III DDS, PA, we have you covered. It’s important to understand what causes TMD/TMJ, why it develops, and how our clinic’s expertise in dentistry in Concord, NC can help you manage the symptoms.

TMD/TMJ Overview

TMJ syndrome stands for temporomandibular joint syndrome, sometimes referred to as TMD or temporomandibular joint disorder. The temporomandibular joint connects the lower jaw to the skull. If you encounter any issue with your jaw joints and are experiencing difficulty moving your jaw, you can reach out to your trusted dentist here at Clifford C. Compton III DDS, PA for a consultation.

If the discomfort around your jaw area develops into outright pain, our clinic specializes in emergency dentistry and we are standing by to provide assistance. TMD can be caused by a few things, so pay attention if you are afflicted with the following.


Arthritis is a disorder that results in joint swelling or inflammation. Arthritis can affect the jaw joints, causing pain in both sides of the face, along with clicking sounds when you bite down on something hard. TMD / TMJ treatments can help mitigate and manage the pain and discomfort stemming from the disorder.

A Blow to the Head or Face

If you’ve been in an accident or have suffered a blow to the head or face, the impact can affect not just your dental implants, but can also damage your jaw. Difficulty chewing, limited range of motion, and pain during chewing are just a few of the symptoms of TMD following an injury.


Over time, stress causes excessive tension on your teeth, supporting ligaments, and jaw muscles, leading to TMD/TMJ. Stress can affect people of all ages. Luckily, we offer family dentistry services, and you don’t have to worry about going to another dentist.

Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding or jaw clenching during sleep can result in an imbalanced jaw, increasing the risk of sleep apnea.

Is your jaw feeling tight to the point of pain and discomfort? Call us to set up an appointment and let us see how we can help.