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Dental Care Myths That Need Debunking

Oral health is one of the most important aspects of a person’s well-being. With so much information on the internet, it’s easy to believe that you already know what it is to know about dental care. However, some of the information is based on myths and could be detrimental to your dental health and could prompt the need for emergency dentistry.

As a trusted expert in dentistry in Concord, NC, here are some of the most common dental myths that we think it’s high time you stop believing.

Sugar Causes Cavities

This is one of the most widely known dental myths. While sugars play a significant role in cavity formation, the bacteria in the mouth are the leading cause. They feed on carbohydrates and sugars, releasing acids that eat away the enamel. Therefore, even if someone does not consume sugars, the bacteria can feed on other food particles in the mouth and cause cavities.

Only Dental Problems Necessitate Dental Visits

We advise our clients to come for routine checkups even if nothing is visibly wrong. This help your dentist identify underlying issues before they get worse and avoid future issues. There is no need to worry about primary teeth because they are not permanent.

Having been in family dentistry for many years, we have come across parents who believe this. While primary teeth fall out, their health plays a crucial role in determining the health and direction of permanent teeth. They can also affect a child’s speech development and nutrition.

Dental Implants Don’t Look Natural

We use dental implants to replace missing teeth not just for cosmetic purposes, but also to preserve the surrounding gums and bones, and to restore chewing abilities.

TMJ Requires Only Surgery

Many people think that, like other bone and joint treatments, TMJ can only be treated with surgery. While sometimes surgery is required, there are other TMD / TMJ treatments, such as a custom made occlusa

Other people believe that TMJ only affects the jaws. However, it can also affect the head and ears and cause sleep apnea.

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