Meet Dr. Clifford C. Compton, Your Dentist in Concord, NC

Dr. Clifford C. Compton , our Concord, NC Dentist, was born and raised in Northern Illinois. After high school, he attended the University of Iowa, earning both his undergraduate and dental degrees. Dr. Compton graduated from dental school in 1972 and entered the Army as a dental officer. Being an avid skydiver at the time, he requested Ft. Bragg as his dream assignment and was stationed there for two years. 

At Ft. Bragg, he was recruited by the 5th Special Forces Group to be their dental officer. Dr. Compton was exposed to a wonderful variety of challenges, which gave him a solid foundation to start his own dental practice in civilian life. Dr. Compton fell in love with North Carolina and has since continued serving as a dentist in Concord, NC, where he opened a practice from scratch in 1974.


Dr. Compton loves dentistry and cannot imagine ever retiring. He believes that dentistry is his life’s work and something he should continually work at, a philosophy that is unique among dentists in Concord, NC. For him, the challenge of learning all the innovations in dentistry keeps the profession exciting and fresh. Each of Dr. Compton’s winters is spent participating in numerous continuing education courses, which greatly exceed the number of hours required by the state.

Many of Dr. Compton’s patients have been coming to him for years because they value quality service. Their loyalty is a result of an overall great experience each time they visit. Many patrons consider Dr. Compton one of the best dentists in Concord, NC.

Children, on the other hand, know Dr. Compton differently. To them, he is the magic dentist who performs special tricks and often makes them laugh. His antics are, of course, just a way to impart the values of proper oral hygiene to his young patients.

When not working to improve people’s oral health as a Concord, NC Dentist, Dr. Compton enjoys an active lifestyle by wakeboarding and snowboarding with his family. He is addicted to golf and fishing. It is suspected that he may have a weakness for cars also.

On the spiritual side, Dr. Compton would like to quote his dental mentor, Dr. Peter E. Dawson., “To my God…the architect of the masticatory (dental) system. The more I understand the logic behind its beautifully integrated design, the more I realize its every element was planned by a loving creator. The words of affection we speak, the smiles we share, the songs we sing, and the kisses we give to our loved ones are possible only because an element of love was integrated into this design.”


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