How a Dentist in Concord NC Treats Teeth Discoloration

Teeth discoloration is considered one of the main dental problems most Americans suffer from. About 40.19 percent of average Americans are affected by this problem, kids and adults alike. You may think that discoloration is a simple problem compared to falling teeth or gingivitis but the stains may be masking weak and brittle teeth. Maintaining proper oral hygiene is a must for every person, as pearly white teeth, fresh breath, and a nice smile can bring confidence. A Concord, NC Dentist offers preventive measures solutions to prevent teeth discoloration.

Causes and Risks of Teeth Discoloration

Excessive consumption of cola, tea, coffee, and alcohol can contribute to teeth discoloration, as well as ingestion of tobacco products. Poor oral hygiene – not regularly brushing or flossing one’s teeth – is another factor, and can even result to dental fluorosis and celiac disease if not treated promptly. Also, varying factors such as medical conditions (genetics), extreme fluoride ingestion, old age, and massive trauma to the tooth greatly impact teeth discoloration.

Celiac Disease and Dental Fluorosis

Celiac disease occurs when the small intestine gets impaired, resulting in the blockage of nutrients found in most foods that are essential tools in keeping the mind and body healthy. This will gradually result in massive teeth discoloration due to the reaction of glutinous compounds to the teeth. Linings and stains will be visible on some parts of the tooth once this impairment occurs. Furthermore, dilution or exposure to high concentrations of fluoride can cause severe dental fluorosis. The enamel of the tooth may be hard to clean and rough in the most severe cases. Dental fluorosis deters correct tooth development if not properly treated.


A dentist in Kannapolis NC said people who suffer from any of these diseases may find that their teeth have dark brown, yellow or white spots on the enamel. Most of these spots are found on molars or incisors. Other symptoms may also include bad breath, a yellowish or darkish stain that won’t go away and rotting teeth.


Reliable dentist Kannapolis NCoffices provide non-invasive dental treatments to patients who suffer from teeth discoloration. These dental practitioners from Concord will recommend bleaching methods and installation of veneers through bonding. Reputable dentists in Kannapolis will also advise the patient to observe stern proper hygiene such as brushing one’s teeth after every meal and eating fruits, vegetables and many other edibles that are high in calcium and nutrients, as this will strengthen teeth and prevent further discoloration.

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