Who Can Benefit From Dental Crowns

Who Can Benefit From Dental Crowns?

Despite the advances and breakthroughs in dentistry in Concord, NC, many people still suffer from dental damage, such as cracks, fractures, and severe decay that may be caused by external factors or, in some cases, genetic predisposition. This is where dental crowns come in handy.

What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are permanently fitted over the root structure of the affected teeth. The idea is to restore the appearance and function of the teeth while protecting it from further damage.

Wondering whether you’d be eligible for a dental crown? Let Dr. Clifford C. Compton III DDS, PA, trusted dentist in Concord, NC, help you determine whether getting a dental crown will be beneficial for you. Individuals eligible for a dental crown are those with:

Damaged Teeth

There are various factors that can result in damaged teeth, such as poor diet or trauma impact due to accidents that require emergency dentistry services where the tooth might have to be extracted. In the cases where the tooth is retained, a dental crown will be able to reinforce the tooth and strengthen it so that the tooth regains full function.

Decayed or Missing Teeth

Dental issues such as pulpitis will typically prompt the removal of the tooth, and the patient may choose to cover the tooth with a dental crown afterward. For a more guided decision, you can consult your family dentistry practitioner for their professional opinion.

Those With Poor Tooth Spacing

Dental crowns are a viable option for individuals with poor tooth spacing. There are often other factors that go along with poor tooth spacing that would make your go-to dentist decide on dental crowns as the ideal solution.


Individuals who wear dentures know the discomfort and frustration of wearing false teeth. Dental implants and crowns, on the other hand, don’t slip out of place or irritate your gums and jaw, hence offering a more secure alternative to their removable counterparts.

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