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Will a Dental Implant Procedure Hurt?

The Clifford C. Compton III DDS, PA clinic has been providing quality dental services in the area for years, and one of the questions we’d always get asked is whether dental implants would hurt. The answer to this question is not straightforward. This is because different people will have varying levels of pain tolerance. In addition, there are many dental issues that warrant dental implants, so it can be challenging to generalize.

The Procedure

Patients should not be in debilitating pain during the dental implant surgery. Some patients might feel a bit of discomfort during prep time, but the pain typically comes after the surgery just as the anesthesia wears off. A dental implant procedure will hurt if the one performing the surgery is not qualified or does not have enough experience and is fairly new at practicing dentistry in Concord, NC.

After Surgery

It is normal to feel pain and discomfort in the surgical area for a few days once you can feel your face and mouth again. Your dentist will likely provide medication during that period for pain management and measures against infection.

The next stage of pain and discomfort moves away from the dental implants and toward the jaw, gums, and mouth. It usually arrives about a week after surgery. There is possible swelling, bleeding, bruising, and stiffness near the area so additional TMD / TMJ treatments might be necessary.

Surgery Complications

If the intense pain persists weeks after the surgery, it’s best to call for emergency dentistry to see if there are complications that might have arisen. Other complications that require the immediate attention of a dental service provider are swelling that doesn’t get better, regurgitation, nausea, fever, and excessive bleeding lasting longer than a day.

The lingering pain is telling your body that there may be an infection, nerve damage, your body rejecting the implant, or something else entirely. Our family dentistry clinic will take swift action to protect your oral health, even if this means removing the implant and finding an alternative solution.

Implant surgery will initially come with some pain and discomfort, but it shouldn’t reach the point where it interferes with your daily routines. Our dental office also offers solutions that can address dental-related issues such as sleep apnea.

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