Happy children in christmas caps eating candy canes

Tips on Taking Care of Your Teeth This Holiday Season

The holidays are a great time to spend with family and friends. There will also be various types of delicious food throughout this festive season, and the truth is that you will likely indulge in almost all desserts, drinks, and other dishes available while celebrating. All the more reasons why prioritizing and investing in the need for dentistry in Concord, NC this holiday season is crucial.

Here are helpful tips for taking care of your teeth this holiday season from family dentistry expert Clifford C. Compton III DDS, PA.

Stick to Your Dental Care Routine

Maintain your oral care routine of flossing and brushing twice daily. Even if you woke up late or haven’t gone to bed yet, brushing twice daily will ensure that your teeth are free from plaque and other contaminants that can lead to dental problems requiring emergency dentistry services.

Avoid Skipping Dental Appointments

Indeed holiday seasons tend to be the busiest of times, but do make sure to make time for your fixed dental visits. Uphold dental appointments especially when you’re undergoing TMD / TMJ treatments.

Avoid Cracking or Opening Objects Using Your Teeth

This party trick could end up chipping or damaging your teeth. It is one of the major causes of dental accidents requiring emergency dentistry services – definitely not what anyone would have planned for the holidays.


Sugary food and sweets are a staple during this time of year. It is always advisable to take water after having sugary meals, especially for kids. The remnants of sugar in the mouth act as the breeding site for bacteria, hence cavities and other oral disorders.

Take It Easy With the Candy Canes

Hard candies can break your teeth if you bite them. In case your teeth are chipped or damaged, seek the attention of your dental practitioner who may recommend dental implants depending on the severity of the damage.

Ensure that you seek medical attention if you have pre-existing conditions such as sleep apnea, cavities, and dental fluorosis.

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