After a Root Canal: Post Treatment Care Tips

After a Root Canal: Post Treatment Care Tips

After undergoing a root canal procedure, it’s crucial to practice the proper post-treatment care routine so that your mouth can heal completely and quickly. Otherwise, you may be susceptible to infections and painful after-treatment effects. Implementing the proper post-treatment measures will make your recovery process a much smoother one.

When patients visit Dr. Clifford C. Compton III DDS, the leading dentist in Concord, NC, for a root canal, we usually recommend following these handy tips to ensure the recovery process becomes as smooth and comfortable as possible.

Pain Management

After treatments for dental implants or root canal procedures, it’s common to experience inflammation and tenderness in your mouth. But in most cases, these symptoms only last for a few days. You can manage most pain with over-the-counter painkillers like ibuprofen. If you need something more powerful, we’ll prescribe stronger pain medication.

Choose Foods Carefully

Because of the sensitivity that may occur after dental procedures like a root canal or TMD / TMJ treatments, it’s essential you choose the foods you eat carefully. It’s best to avoid hard foods, spicy foods, and chewy foods, as they can irritate the area even more and even displace the filling. Consider taking foods such as oatmeal, scrambled eggs, and soup. Also, be mindful of the temperature of the foods you consume. Hot or cold foods can also irritate the area.

Practice Optimal Oral Hygiene

Good oral hygiene is crucial to prevent post-treatment infections. Simple habits like brushing and flossing every day can help improve your overall oral health. Being the leading name in dentistry in Concord, NC, we strongly urge you to brush and floss gently to avoid irritating or disturbing the surgery area.

Follow Instructions

As the leading provider of family dentistry services in Concord, NC, we often recommend specific post-treatment care because each of our patients has a unique recovery process. Following your dentist’s instructions will make the recovery process easier.

If you’re experiencing discomfort, pain, or suspect you have a damaged tooth, contact Dr. Clifford C. Compton III DDS today. Besides root canal treatments, we offer teeth cleaning, dental exams, CPAP therapy for sleep apnea, and various cosmetic procedures on top of emergency dentistry services.

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