The Root of Things: Root Canal Facts vs Myths

The Root of Things: Root Canal Facts vs Myths

The Root of Things: Root Canal Facts vs Myths
There is a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding about root canals floating around the internet. These are often perpetuated by people with little or no expertise in endodontics.

As the authority on dentistry in Concord, NC, Dr. Clifford C. Compton III highlights some of the most common myths out there.

Myth: Root canals cause cancer

There is no evidence to support this claim. Root canals are one of the most studied and safest dental procedures.

Myth: A root canal is a painful procedure

This is not true. A root canal is typically no more painful than any other filling. It is similar to drilling into a tooth and having the family dentistry remove the diseased pulp from inside.

The only difference is that instead of leaving the canals empty, they are filled with an inert filling material. To eliminate any nerves from being left in there, some dentists may put a small amount of novocaine in the canals, but this is typically only done when a dentist is going to perform an endodontic procedure at the same time.

Complete healing from a root canal takes about six weeks or so, and during that time, there may be some discomfort similar to having a cavity drilled, but it’s relatively minimal. The dentist will prescribe pain killers and TMD / TMJ treatments to reduce any discomfort in many cases.

Myth: You have to extract a tooth if it needs a root canal

This is not always the case. A lot of times, the doctor handling the emergency dentistry procedure can perform a root canal on the tooth, and it will still be functional.

Myth: A root canal is an expensive procedure

This is not always true. The cost of a root canal will vary depending on the location of the dentist, the type of tooth being treated, and other factors. However, it is typically much less expensive than having the tooth extracted and replaced with dental implants.

Myth: Root canal causes sleep apnea

This is not true. The myth probably started because people with sleep apnea are more likely to be diagnosed with severe cases of periodontal disease. This does not have anything to do with a root canal procedure outcome.

A root canal is a relatively simple procedure to save teeth that would otherwise need to be extracted. Root canals are not painful, and the cost is typically much less than an implant. Dr. Clifford C. Compton III is the premier dentist in Concord, NC. You can count on him to bring back the shine in your smile.

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