Tooth Implant vs. Bridge

Dental implants and bridges Concord NCTooth implants and bridges are two ways to replace missing teeth. Tooth implants, also known as dental implants, are surgically implanted into the jawbone; thus, providing you with tooth replacements, complete with roots. The roots are in the form of titanium screws. A dental bridge, on the other hand, is a prosthetic tooth attached to the adjacent teeth. Both tooth replacement procedures are popular with dental patients worldwide because they offer stability and comfort. Leading dentist in South Concord, NC, Dr. Clifford C. Compton III, talks about tooth implant vs. bridge. Let this information help you come up with a well-informed decision about these two treatments.

What Are Tooth Implants?

Tooth implants consist of 3 parts: the titanium screw, the abutment or connecting post, and the prosthetic tooth. These 3 components comprise a tooth implant, which essentially replaces a missing tooth. The key to a successful tooth implant is the placement and osseointegration of the titanium screw. The screw is inserted into the jawbone, which is then allowed to osseointegrate in time. Osseointegration makes tooth implants function very much like real teeth. It is the process wherein the implant fuses naturally with the jawbone, to give patients highly stable tooth replacements.

What Are Dental Bridges?

A bridge is another tooth replacement alternative with an entirely different procedure from that of a tooth implant. The bridge or prosthetic tooth is attached permanently to adjacent teeth. This bridges the gap created by a lost tooth. Before tooth implants were developed, bridges were the preferred choice for stable tooth replacements. However, with the advent of tooth implants, bridges have taken quite a backseat. This is because dental bridges require the adjacent teeth to be filed before the bridges are attached. This makes healthy teeth prone to bacterial infection, decay, and gum disease among others. In spite of this, dental bridges remain a viable, reliable tooth replacement alternative.

The Cost of Each Treatment

Dental bridges are less expensive than dental implants. However, the question of whether which treatment offers the most value remains a debatable topic. Some say that while dental bridges appear to be an economical choice at first glance, dental implants offer a more long-lasting, durable solution; thereby making implants a cost-effective alternative. There are also those who say that dental implants are very expensive since they oftentimes need to be covered by a dental crown. In addition, dental implants take months to complete because of the osseointegration process.

Carefully weigh the pros and cons of each treatment with the help of your dentist, so you will be able to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Visit Dr. Clifford C. Compton III, The Trusted Dentist in Concord, NC

Dr. Compton and our team are well-trained and experienced for both dental implants and bridges. Our practice specializes in implant restoration and dental implants. Mini implants have a smaller diameter than regular implants; hence, the procedure can be done in a single office visit. The patient no longer needs to wait for the implants to osseointegrate. They offer the same benefits too. To schedule your appointment, call us today at (704) 786-8825.

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