4 Questions to Ask Your Dentist about Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain Crowns in South Concord, NC

Porcelain Crowns in Concord NCWhen a tooth is badly damaged by decay, the best type of restoration is a crown. A dental crown is basically a protective casing that surrounds the natural tooth on all sides. It is shaped to fit perfectly over the tooth to protect it from further decay and damage and to restore the function of that tooth. However, some crowns can even be designed to completely restore the appearance of the tooth as well. Porcelain crowns are the most natural looking crowns available. At Dr. Clifford Compton’s practice, we offer porcelain crowns in South Concord, NC.

Porcelain crowns offer our patients the best of both worlds when it comes to restorations. They restore the health and function as well as the appearance of your smile. Patients often have many questions about porcelain crowns and in order to help you learn more about the procedure, we’ve listed the top 4 most frequently asked questions about these crowns.

Question #1: Do porcelain crowns look natural?

Yes. Porcelain is the material that most closely matches the appearance of a natural tooth. It’s light reflecting properties make it hard to distinguish between natural tooth and porcelain. A porcelain crowns doesn’t just restore the appearance of your smile, it can also be designed to look even better than the original tooth. When it comes to appearance, porcelain is the ideal material to replace a tooth.

Question #2: Can a porcelain crown function like a natural tooth?

Porcelain crowns function just like a natural tooth. The material is very hard and durable and can last for many years. The only downside to porcelain is that is lacks the flexibility of a natural tooth. This means that it cannot withstand huge amounts of pressure. Therefore, we suggest avoiding extremely hard foods that can crack the porcelain.

Question #3: Are porcelain crowns hard to maintain?

No. Porcelain crowns require very little upkeep. Of course, practice healthy oral hygiene habits. Brush and floss regularly. However, try to use non-abrasive toothpaste so that the crown will not be scratched. Also, as stated above, try to avoid very hard foods to avoid cracks in your crown.

Question #4: Does it hurt to get a porcelain crown?

Having a crown placed is generally painless. The painful part is removing the outer layer of the natural tooth to make room for the crown. However, the tooth and surrounding areas are numbed thoroughly before the procedure. This makes the entire procedure easy and painless!

For more information on porcelain crowns in South Concord, NC, visit Dr. Compton’s practice or call our dental assistants today to schedule your consultation at (704) 786-8825(704) 786-8825.

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Photo Credit: Pinterest

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