The Super Powers of Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride Treatment in South Concord NCFluoride treatment has always been a familiar term in the dental industry. Since our earliest visits to the dental office, we’ve listened to dental professionals push the benefits of fluoride.

For over a half-century, many dentists believed that fluoride works mainly by hardening our enamel to protect our teeth from acids produced by bacteria. However, new research shows that fluoride has yet another trick up its sleeve.

A report published in the ACS journal, Langumir, suggests that fluoride also affects the adhesive nature of bacteria. Fluoride decreases bacteria’s ability to stick to the outer layer of our teeth and this makes it easier for us to brush away decay-causing bacteria by saliva or brushing.

With new research to back fluoride’s ever-growing benefits, we say its time for you to hop on the bandwagon and start reaping the benefits yourself! While fluoride can be found in drinking water, toothpastes, mouth rinses, etc. it is incredibly vital for your oral health to receive professional strength fluoride treatments during your dental appointments.

Fluoride Treatment in Concord, NC

At Dr. Cliff Compton’s practice, we offer fluoride treatment as a routine part of our preventive dentistry services. During every routine dental check-up, we make sure to provide our patients with fluoride treatment.

Fluoride reduces the risk of developing cavities. Everyone is at risk of developing cavities, however, some patients are more at risk than others. Some factors can increase your chance of developing cavities, including:

  • Smoking
  • Poor oral hygiene habits
  • Existing, untreated cavities
  • Poor diet
  • Drug or alcohol abuse

At our office, dental assistants use topical fluoride treatments to reduce your chance of getting a cavity. We apply fluoride directly to the tooth enamel for maximum strength treatment. After the treatment, you should avoid rinsing, eating or drinking for at least thirty minutes to allow the fluoride to be fully absorbed into the enamel. Depending on your oral health, our dentists may recommend fluoride treatment to be completed every three, six or twelve months. Our dentists will also recommend specific types of toothpastes and rinses that contain fluoride.

If you are ready to strengthen and protect your teeth against cavities, visit Dr. Cliff Compton’s office or call us at (704) 786-8825. We offer professional fluoride treatment in Concord, NC for optimal oral health and a healthy, beautiful smile!

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