Smart Move Invisible Braces – Is This Orthodontic Treatment for Me?

Smart Move Invisible Braces Concord SCTraditional metal braces are considered to be an effective orthodontic treatment, but experts and specialists felt the need to provide patients with a more comfortable option. Traditional orthodontics, while effective, are affixed on the teeth for many months, appear obvious when you smile, restrict your choices of food, and require regular visits to the orthodontist for adjustment of the braces. Thus, a more affordable and convenient alternative has been developed to make orthodontics a comfy treatment for everyone.  Smart Move Invisible Braces can provide a better and improved way to get your teeth straightened.

Why Does the Smart Move Invisible Braces Stand Out from Other Orthodontic Treatments?

Smart Move Invisible Braces stand out from all the others because the braces are invisible, affordable, comfortable, and convenient, while it offers the same effects. This orthodontic system involves the use of custom aligners, which are made as needed. You will first be given your 2 aligners, and then wear each aligner as instructed. The first aligner given to you is made of smooth, soft and flexible plastic, so you are able to adjust well with the aligner in your mouth. This aligner will shift your teeth into a desirable position. After this initial phase, you will wear the second aligner, which is made of a harder plastic. This second phase holds or maintains the position of your teeth. Rest assured that both aligners move and maintain the teeth gently, so you won’t feel any discomfort.

If for some reason, your teeth are not properly aligned after using the 2 aligners, the dentist will give you additional aligners, to complete the process. This makes the Smart Move Invisible Braces a more viable and inexpensive option because it only provides you with the amount of aligners you need at a given time. You don’t pay for aligners that may otherwise be unnecessary.

In addition, the Smart Move Invisible Braces answer your need for aesthetics while in treatment, as well as your need for a more convenient approach. The aligner remains invisible when worn, and it is easy to take care of. The 2 aligners initially given to you are designed to move your teeth more effectively than other invisible aligners on the market. Thus, you only need to maintain 2 aligners instead of several aligners.

Smart Move Invisible Braces are the Latest in Contemporary Orthodontics

Smart Move Invisible Braces are a response to a need for a better way to achieve straight teeth. It is effective, invisible, comfortable, and easy to maintain. It is also an affordable solution to get beautiful, straight teeth without resorting to metal braces. It is currently considered as a wonderful option for mild to moderate misalignments. Find out today if this treatment is right for you. Visit Dr. Clifford C. Compton III and talk with him about the Smart Move Invisible Braces. Call (704) 786-8825 today or set your appointment through this website. This may just be the orthodontic solution that you’ve been waiting for, to achieve straight, picture-perfect teeth!

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