Plaque – The Ultimate Bad Guy

There always exists a “cause and effect” scenario in everything that we do. Take the case of oral health, for instance. People who do not brush and floss regularly, allow dental plaque to settle on the teeth, which can develop into dental and gum problems when not addressed early. Dental plaque is the ultimate bad guy of the oral cavity. It is formed by bacteria that attach themselves to the surface of the teeth. Thus, if you do not properly maintain oral hygiene, plaque can grow in number and become a colony of microorganisms. This colony becomes much harder to remove once they’ve hardened and attached themselves firmly on the teeth. The effects can go from tooth decay to various forms of gum problems.

Just like bad guys in real life who remain in our societies, dental plaque also exists in the mouth inevitably. However, plaque can be controlled, so they don’t pose any dental problems. It is important to practice good oral habits so that plaque, just like any bad guy, is prevented from causing damage and problems for your teeth and gums.

4 Ways to Control the “Bad Guy” in Your Mouth

• Daily brushing and flossing tops the list of oral hygiene maintenance. Brushing after meals and flossing before bedtime must become a habit, so you don’t develop hardened plaque. Once hardened plaque or tartar is formed, you will need the help of the dentist to have them removed. Hardened plaque causes severe problems like gum disease and cavities that require immediate dental treatment. Thus, brushing and flossing can avoid the development of tartar. Dentists recommend that brushing must take 2 minutes to complete. That’s 1 minute for the upper teeth and another minute for your lower teeth.

• Visit the dentist regularly. This ensures that your teeth and gums stay clean and healthy. Dental visits should be done every 6 months so the dentist can check and evaluate your dentition, and then propose any treatment plan when necessary.

• Take advantage of dental treatments that serve to strengthen the teeth. These preventive treatments include sealant application and fluoride treatment. Sealants are plastic coatings placed on the molars, to make this set of teeth impervious to decay while the sealants are in place. Fluoride treatment, on the other hand, gives the teeth the dose of fluoride they need for strength. Both dental treatments can be availed by young and old patients.

• Try to consume more of healthy foods and beverages and less of sweets and colored foods and drinks. Apples, celery, and carrots help the teeth fight bacteria, as well as calcium-rich milk. Eating sweets at a minimum makes your teeth less vulnerable to decay than when sugar-rich foods are eaten regularly. As always, brushing must follow after every meal.

Fight Plaque for Optimum Oral Health

As plaque cannot be avoided, fighting and controlling it must be part of your daily regimen. It is the only way to avoid gum disease, tooth decay, and many other dental problems. Maintain good oral hygiene with proper brushing and flossing and visit your trusted dentist regularly. Optimum oral health can be truly be achieved with excellent oral care habits.

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