Why Do You Have Bad Breath?

Concord DentistNobody dies of embarrassment but those who currently have or has suffered from halitosis knows that all they want or wanted to do was to crawl under a rock and stay there for the rest of their lives out of shame. While bad breath might still be a very perplexing thing, it’s actually not that difficult to understand and treat.

Causes of Bad Breath


This is a very understandable reason for why some individuals develop bad breath. While there are some foods with certain smells that dissipate in just a couple of minutes, the thing about oils found in pungent foods like garlic and onions is that they actually find their way to the bloodstream after being absorbed by the intestines. When this happens, the oils are then carried to the lungs and they are exhaled by the person. Because of this, the person you’re speaking to will know exactly that you had cheeseburger with an extra side of onion rings for lunch. The remedy for this is simple – keep yourself from ordering anything which has a pungent smell especially if you have a meeting or an important event later in the day.

Dry Mouth

A condition called xerostomia results in having a dry mouth because of the decreased production of saliva in an individual. The thing about decreased saliva production is that it allows bacteria to grow unchecked. Saliva is known as the body’s natural mouthwash for a reason – it has antimicrobial properties which limit the growth of bacteria. And since bacteria secrete malodorous substances, having a dry mouth can lead to the development of halitosis. Aside from genetic problems which lead to xerostomia, other causes of having a dry mouth include taking in certain medicines, especially antihypertensives. For this reason, older individuals are more prone to having halitosis.

Other Conditions

Medical conditions which do not directly affect your mouth can actually lead to the development of bad breath. For instance, having a respiratory condition can lead to nasal drip. The mucous secretions due to respiratory conditions can drip to the back of the mouth and be the reason for the foul smell. On the other hand, gastric reflux disorders lead to the regurgitation of gastric secretions which carry a distinct odor. In both conditions, bad breath is simply a symptom, and the only way to get rid of the halitosis is to treat the underlying or original condition.

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