Picking Out the Best Mouthwash For You

mouthwashThere are several different brands of mouth wash or mouth rinses available in stores which cater to the different needs of consumers. Choosing the right mouth wash for you is important in order to clean your teeth while preventing any irritations in the mouth.

Chlorhexidine Mouth Rinses

Most mouthwash products sold in stores are chlorhexidine based. Chlorhexidine is an antibacterial and bacteriostatic agent. Chlorhexidine in mouthwashes adhere to the surface of your teeth which prolongs the effect of substance. Adhesion to the surface of the tooth has its advantages; for one, it increases the effective killing time of chlorhexidine against gram positive and gram negative bacteria. Chlorhexidine is comparably better than other known mouthwash agents because it does not easily wash away with water or go down with consumption of food.

Alcohol-Based Mouthwashes

Majority of mouthwash products also contains high levels of alcohol which is used to kill bacteria. Alcohol in the mouthwash is responsible for the cooling effect, which creates that “clean” feel. There are several issues against the presence of alcohol in mouthwashes. Most mouthwashes are known to have high concentrations of alcohol, levels that may cause problems in passing breathalyzer tests that determine DUI. There are several claims that usage of alcohol based mouthwashes may be the cause of increased levels of the controlled substance in the mouth, hence a person can falsely fail a breathalyzer test. Consequently, several mouthwash products have been used to get people drunk and are sold with restrictions.

Alcohol-based mouth rinses can also increase your risk of having bad breath. This is because alcohol can evaporate water inside your mouth, hence decreasing saliva content, and producing symptoms of a dry mouth. Having a dry mouth is a known cause of halitosis. Some people experience irritations when they use alcohol-based mouthwash, producing red gums and prompting known signs of hypersensitivity including fatal anaphylactic reactions.

Water-Based Mouthwashes

As an alternative to alcohol-based mouth rinses, there are several mouthwashes that do not contain alcohol. These mouthwash products do not have that strong “kick” and only have that characteristic mild flavor. These mouthwashes are water-based and are less likely to produce irritation to the gums and mouth. These water-based rinses are at par with alcohol-based mouthwashes in terms of effectiveness.

Choosing the Right Mouthwash

Choosing the right mouth wash in important. Try to test a small amount of the product you’re eying and see if your mouth produces signs and symptoms of allergy. Avoid buying products which induce any adverse reaction on you. Lastly, always look for the seal of approval from the official dental association of your country.

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