Personal Emergency Care for Accident-Related Tooth Problems

Sometimes accidents happen despite our best attempts at prevention. Damaging a perfect set of teeth can be heartbreaking, and the repair costs astronomical. In lieu of these untimely events, various Concord dental procedures effectively deal with these dire situations. You can find out more about these methods here.

Emergency dental care is a mainstay of therapy, performed by our dentists in Concord. These techniques prevent tooth loss due to untoward occurrences. Our Concord dentists believe that, aside from seeking professional aid for emergencies, there are many other things you can do at home or en route to the dental clinic.

Avoid Tampering with the Affected Area

Inexperienced meddling often aggravates traumatic injury. It is very important to know what you can and cannot handle. Instead of performing makeshift procedures with limited knowledge, it is better to obtain information through the Internet or related reading materials. Never attempt emergency incisions or sutures on your own. Leaving things up to the experts is the surest way to avoid worsening the problem.

Keep Dislodged Teeth

Often, sudden force dislodges a tooth completely. It is vital to keep the tooth in a sterile container filled with milk for transport to the clinic. Remember to cleanse the tooth by running it under warm water. Take care to remove dirt from the tooth, but never scrub or scratch at the fragile tissues, since this may dislodge them completely, leaving the tooth no longer viable for reattachment. After cleansing the tooth, go immediately to the clinic.

Care for Broken Teeth

Sometimes a portion of a tooth can break off, leaving the rest embedded in the gum line. When this happens, make sure to wash your mouth thoroughly with warm water to get rid of blood, bacteria, and tooth fragments. You can also address swelling of the injured area by applying a cold compress or an ice bag. It is vital to head to our dental clinic right away after such events occur.

Treat Bitten Tongues

Forceful impact can cause tongue lacerations and subsequent bleeding. Aside from being debilitating and painful, they open up avenues for bacteria to enter, resulting in infection.  Apply a cube of ice to numb the area and provide pressure to stop the bleeding.

There is no reason why you should live with the stigma of an incomplete set of teeth. Prompt action will help you save your smile and keep your confidence intact.

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