What a Dentist in Kannapolis NC Can Do For Smokers

Some people are strongly addicted to smoking. If you are a smoker, you know for a fact that kicking the habit is not that easy. The temptation to take a few puffs will always be there, especially since cigarette manufacturers continue to advertise the superior taste and mildness of their products.

Sure, smoking provides calm and relieves stress to a certain extent. A lot of people consider the habit a form of indulgence that they turn to after facing the pressures of their daily lives. Other variants like cigars turn smoking into an even better experience as smokers feel like the celebrities they’ve seen in movies puffing the same Nicotania cigarette. Nevertheless, what people get from smoking won’t be able to justify the harm it can bring to their health and bodies. Thankfully, medical professionals like the dentists in Concord NC and other cities hold the power to address majority of the negative effects of smoking.

In North Carolina, cigar smoking and teeth sure come in conflict. The agricultural product, tobacco, processed from leaves of Nicotania plants, is one of the greatest runners of its local economy. In fact, the history of the state won’t complete without the wealthy planters that grew tobacco plants.
Because more people are powerless to the appeal of cigarette smoking, their oral and overall health gets compromised. The effects of smoking manifest gradually and worsen over time. If you smoke regularly and find it hard to quit, here are some of the ill effects that you have to watch out for.

Generally, smoking can reduce your appetite, thus resulting in weight loss and susceptibility to infections and diseases. Smoking can also inflict serious damage on your lungs and lead to grave respiratory problems later on. It is oral health that shows the damaging effects of smoking before you even feel the effect on organs and internal systems. So before it’s too late to save your teeth and gums, visit a trusted dentist in Kannapolis NC, like Dr. Clifford Compton III.

A reliable dentist like him will prescribe and provide treatment to address the maladies that tobacco does to the oral cavity. So even if you’ve had the habit for years, you can still say goodbye to the breath malodor, cavities, and enamel discoloration caused by smoking. Through procedures like teeth cleaning and bleaching, implant crowns, and root canal treatments, all of the negative imprints of smoking can be eliminated.

Most importantly, a dentist Kannapolis NCresidents rely on also performs extensive dental examinations such as oral cancer screening. This can protect you even further from the long-term consequences of smoking.

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