A Dentist in Concord NC Can Provide That Perfect Smile

A smile is considered the most attractive physical feature of any person. This is based on a national survey conducted by the American Dental Association. It outranks even the eyes, body parts, and hair. Of course you can have the smile that matters if you have pearly white teeth. A Concord, NC Dentistsuch as Clifford C. Compton III, DDS, PA can help you achieve that perfect smile.

Although a perfect smile may not translate to a perfect love life, it is, however, the first step in attracting a partner. People tend to gravitate towards people who smile frequently. Morose or sad looking people are generally avoided like the plague. Several studies have also shown that by smiling, one activates the brain’s zygotic muscle which triggers happiness and joy.

Before going to a dental office, however, it may be best to identify the type of dentist who can help you gain the best smile. There are actually several types of dentists. Among the more common are periodontists who specialize in the treatment of gum diseases and install dental implants. This type of dentist is usually found in most dental offices.

Other types of dentists are prosthodontists, orthodontists, and endodontics. These specialists perform specific services like the fabrication and installation of dentures, bridges, dental implants, braces, and administer root canal procedures. A dentist in Kannapolis NC can specialize in any of the abovementioned types of dentistry. However, most if not all of them, usually work in a dental office.

While it is best to consult a dentist for any oral problems, there are some emergencies which need your immediate attention. Some studies have shown that dental trauma is a common occurrence in young children in the U.S. Around 25 percent of 12 year-olds injure their permanent teeth. One of these injuries is an avulsion or the total displacement of a tooth from the dental socket. The best emergency remedy is to place the tooth back into the socket and have the victim bite down on gauze to hold the tooth in place.

Another emergency is luxation. This is when the tooth remains in the socket, but is not positioned perfectly. Rinsing the area with cool water and the application of an ice pack may be among the temporary emergency remedies. The most serious of these emergencies is a dental fracture wherein the tooth is split in one or more locations. One needs to bring the victim to a dentist as soon as possible to avoid infection. A dentist Kannapolis NC dental offices employ can handle any of these emergencies. If you need that perfect smile, a visit to their clinic can provide it.

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