Protect Yourself from Oral Cancer with the Help of a Highly-Qualified Dentist Concord Can Offer

Oral cancer is one of the diseases that kill many people. In fact, there are studies that show 60 percent of oral cancer patients have a 5-year survival rate. However, if the cancer has been diagnosed early, survival rate can go beyond 5 years. Medications and treatment are very expensive when it comes to curing cancers, so it is best to have yourself checked by a skilled Concord NC dentist to see if you are showing early signs of cancer.

To combat oral cancer, you have to help yourself first. It would be worthless to receive expensive treatments and undergo several check-ups if you yourself do not take any initiatives to combat or prevent the disease. You have to equip yourself with much knowledge about preventing oral cancer. You must also change your lifestyle as early as possible. Refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol as they may weaken your immune system. Eat a healthy diet and live a healthy lifestyle.

It is also your responsibility to know if your family has a history of oral cancer. Cancers can be hereditary, and one way of knowing if you are at risk for cancer is to ask your family if anyone has acquired such. A Concord NC dentist like Dr. Clifford C. Compton III can evaluate your case more properly once he knows that your family is at risk for oral cancer.

You should also be conscious of the oral problems that you experience. Oral cancer is a silent killer that shows subtle symptoms. You must know that oral cancer most likely develops in three main areas in the mouth: lips, oral cavity (which consists of the gums, the tongue, the floor of the mouth, the palate), and the oropharynx (which includes the throat at the back of the mouth, the soft palate, and the tonsils). Once you have noticed tissue damage or tissue growth in any of these areas, you should consult your dentist for evaluation.

Have a check-up at least twice a year. When you visit your dentist, you better ask him to check you for oral cancer. Any dentist Concord has can give proper and thorough evaluation of your oral system. It is best to be handled by dental experts so that early signs can be detected.

Always conduct self-examination regularly. See if your mouth has whitish spots or growing lumps in your mouth. Check the lymphnodes, too, under your jaw if they are a little swollen. Consult a dentist Concord NC has to offer if you notice some changes in your oral structure. Have it evaluated by an expert before it gets worse.

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