Preventing Teeth Grinding and Injuries with Mouth Guards That Dentists in Concord NC Recommend

Sleeping is important for your health as it relieves the stress of a hard day’s work. However, it can be disrupted by your own body’s activities, which may include teeth grinding. It is irritating, and it can accelerate wear on your teeth as well, which can lead to more serious problems later on. To prevent this from happening, Concord, NC Dentist recommends using night guards to prevent teeth grinding.

Night guards are basically mouth guards that are designed for use during sleep. The night guards are similar to those used by athletes when playing sports. These are made of either rubber or plastic. They cover the teeth and prevent them from grinding. Mouth guards are available over the counter in pharmacies, or you can have it custom-fit by dentists in Concord NC.

Over the counter night guards are cheaper than custom-fit versions, but are generally less effective. When buying, you have to make sure that the night guard fits snugly, or it won’t provide much help. It may be better to purchase boil-and-bite guards from pharmacies that provide a slightly better fit. With custom-fit guards from a Concord dental office, you won’t have to worry about fit or comfort because the dentist will ensure that it is a perfect fit for you.
Mouth Guards: Preventing Dental Injuries as Recommended by a Concord Dentist

Sports are a great way to keep fit and have fun at the same time. However, playing sports without protection presents a potential for you to suffer a dental injury. Like with teeth grinding, you have to wear a guard for protection as well. Athletic mouth guards come in all shapes and sizes, too, but offer protection that can prevent dental fractures, chipped teeth, or tissue bleeding.

Stock mouth guards are the cheapest and are available in most sporting goods stores. However, they are the least comfortable and offer the least protection. There is no customization available for these, so make sure that any guards you purchase will, at least, be snug enough for you to have no difficulty breathing and talking. Boil-and-bite guards may be a better option, as they provide a better fit and offer a fuller range of protection. These are more expensive though.

A Concord dentist like Dr. Cliff C. Compton III will recommend custom-fit mouth guards for optimum comfort and protection. An impression of your mouth will be made so that the mouth guard will fit you perfectly. Although these are more expensive than other mouth guards, these offer superior protection against all blows and falls. These also provide protection for all parts of your mouth.

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