Have More Confidence with Clear Braces that a Dentist in Kannapolis NC Recommends

Braces are outstanding dental devices that can totally change a smile in a short period of time. These can correct crooked smiles and turn them into beautiful ones in a span of two years on average. However, there is a stigma associated with braces by people calling those who wear braces many names such as “metal mouth.” For patients who do not want to wear metal braces, a dentist Kannapolis NC families count on can install clear braces that look natural on teeth.

Clear braces are the same as regular braces except that they have no metal components. Instead, the braces use ceramic parts that work just as well and blend in with the teeth. The wire that goes along the teeth is also of a similar color. The result is that you can go out in public and be more confident, knowing that metal brackets are not attached to your teeth.

Although clear braces cost more than regular braces, the boost in self-confidence you will get is definitely worth it. Imagine that, in a few years, you’ll have an awesome smile that will make others want to wear braces as well.

Using Smart Moves for Straighter Teeth with a Dentist in Concord NC

Regular braces do an exceptional job of straightening teeth to give you a more beautiful smile. They have been recommended by a dentist in Concord NC for many years because they have helped change the lives of a lot of people that had crooked teeth in the past. However, the drawbacks of braces soon became apparent. It took a long time for the effects to become noticeable: They were uncomfortable, and the braces were painful after readjustment.

Newer alternatives are available these days, however, which deliver the same results that braces give in a shorter amount of time. Invisible braces like Smart Moves, as provided by a Concord, NC Dentist like Dr. Clifford C. Compton III give results in a fraction of the time needed for regular braces. These are also more comfortable to wear and have no sharp metal edges that can damage lips and tissue. The predictability of tooth movement offered by these new braces is also a great asset for tracking progress.

A dentist in Kannapolis NC will recommend braces like the Smart Move for those who do not have the time to wear traditional braces. It is also for those who do not want to feel uncomfortable and experience pain during readjustment periods. What is great about these braces is that you will feel the results after several adjustments.

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